The Top 5 Plugins for Better On-Site SEO

You have the power to boost your website’s on page optimization, commonly referred to on-page SEO, with the right plugins. However, there are plenty of plugins to choose from. We’ve whittled down the field to the best of the best as detailed below.

Rank Math

SEO and ranking are based on a number of factors such as backlinks, bounce rate, site speed, and more. However, getting to the top is only part of the work; it’s staying there that’s the real challenge. Depending on what type of business you run, be it a small local business or large corporation, stiff competition means you might have to put in a lot more work to get your ranking up.

Here are some optimization tips that you can implement to start ranking your business on Google.

Easy Table of Contents

This table of contents optimizes the user experience (UX) of your website. The enhanced user experience boosts SEO all the more. Though some are unaware of it, Google’s latest algorithm core updates even account for a website’s user experience and design when calculating its SEO value. Add this plugin and it will generate a helpful table of contents that your online visitors can use to access coveted content in mere seconds.
Easy Table has a built-in automated feature that implements an HTML table within pages or posts, generating internal hyperlinks. The plugin also has user-friendly dashboard settings that make it easy to configure the table style.

Ultimate Blocks

This Gutenberg plugin is quite effective for on-page SEO. The plugin helps generate blog posts that engage visitors, reduce bounce rate and increase the time spent on page. The heightened time spent on the website helps it rank that much better on SERPs. The plugin also features specific blocks focused on SEO to help boost your site’s optimization level.

Link Whisper

As most content creators, business owners and webmasters know, internal links are essential to SEO, yet have the potential to chew up time and prove a bit frustrating. Choose Link Whisper and you’ll be able to insert internal links directly into your posts as you create them. This way, you don’t have to sort through the entirety of your posts and interlink them with one another one-by-one. Instead of wasting your time adding links in such a repetitive manner, let Link Whisper do the internal linking for you. Link Whisper suggests the best internal links for your content on the editor page, allowing you to insert those links throughout the text with a single click of your mouse.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Optimizing your on-page content for SEO is that much easier with the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant plugin. The plugin provides suggestions for enhancing content based on the keywords you weave throughout the text. The plugin studies the entirety of the on-page content, displaying its readability rating as well as its appeal in the context of SEO.
With these plug-ins, you can set a strong foundation to use as a springboard to launch into the next step of optimization, which is off page SEO, also known as link building. Feel free to contact our team for more details.